How to Care for your Bag

How to Care for your Bag

Let’s face it, your handbag is an extension to you. It might even be considered as your third arm. It keeps your valuable essentials nearby, including all four lip gloss tubes. When choosing to invest in a luxury handbag, it is imperative to keep in mind some care tips.

Regardless if you purchase your bag from a retail boutique, received it as a gift (lucky you!), or found it through a consignment shop, like Elegance by Eva, all fancy designer bags are known for their hand-stitching and durability. But keeping great care of your bag will help retain its value over time, and even allow you to pass it down one day.

Here are my five go-to tips and tricks that will help prolong the longevity of your bag.

Tip 1: if you were lucky enough to have received the original stuffing your bag came with keep it! If you inherited your bag or purchased from a consignment and are missing the stuffing, you can use white gift tissue paper. When the bag is not in use, or hanging in your closet, put that tissue back inside your bag. This will help preserve your bag’s shape.  

Tip 2: calling all leather fanatics, if your bag is genuine leather, keep in mind that sunlight will make the leather fade and dry over time, so just be mindful. If you’re going to an outdoor party or heading to the beach, leave your leather bag at home.

Tip 3: prevent the inside lining of your bag to get marked up with stains by keeping your toiletries and make-up inside a small zipper bag. Those concealer and lipstick stains are hard, of not almost impossible to clean. Save yourself the headache and cleaning bill.

Tip 4: just like your hands and skin, warmer weather can leave you feeling dry. The same goes for your leather. Invest in a good leather moisturizer if you live in a dry or warmer area to keep your leader from drying out. Most department stores and leather-specialty boutiques sell different varieties of oils to choose from.

Tip 5: save those old toothbrushes as those small bristles are the perfect size to buff out any scratches that appear on your hardware.  

The most important tip is to enjoy! Luxury bags are a fun accessory and deserve to be used. Give Elegance by Eva a call if you’re looking for a specific bag, or not sure what your first purchase should be.

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